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Basic Tips on How to Decorate Your Bedroom

Posted at July 30th, 2016 | Categorised in Bedroom

How to decorate your bedroom can be something challenging. Since bedroom is a private place to relax, sleep, and rest, you cannot take anything inside the room carelessly. The basic thing that should be available in the bedroom is a bed. However, there are the other things that should be in the bedroom as well. The challenge will be like putting the furniture and the other accessories in the room without interfere with the main purpose of the room. In this article we are going to give you some basic tips to decorate your bedroom check this out.

Picking the color

Simple Bedroom Decor Pastel Color

Warm Bedroom Color

Color brings specific atmosphere and impression into a room. Other than that, colors are also in charge in building the mood. This is why you should pick the right color that supposed to make you feel comfortable to rest. The neutral colors are highly recommended for bedroom. Other than that, pastel colors, earth color, and warm colors are also great. Well, if you have certain taste, you can try to mix and match the color in your bedroom as long as it could make you feel asleep and comfy to rest.

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Have the right bed

Modern Simple Bedroom Decoration

Warn Bedroom Decoration

Decorating is not only about the room itself but also about the fixture. Based on how to decorate your bedroom, it will be perfect if you also consider the bed you will use in the bedroom. Bed is obviously determining your sleep quality. And you should not careless about the size because a bedroom cannot be cramped and crowded.

Wall décor

Tree Wall Art Bedroom

Wall Art Ideas For Girls Bedroom

You cannot let your wall just empty and blank. You can take advantage of your wall art, portrait pictures, paintings, and many more to fill the blank space on your bedroom wall. The old bed sheet can also be a very nice wall décor that be placed on the back of your headboard. Still, you should make sure that the art can be harmonious with the color scheme of the room as well.

Flooring material

Awesome Flooring Ideas For Bedroom

Tile Flooring Ideas For Bedroom

Flooring material also determines the impression and atmosphere of the room. Since it should be calm and warm, you better choose carpet or wood rather than granite, marble, tiles, or anything hard. Ceramic, granite, and marbles tend to make the floor feels cold and in other hand the bedroom should be warm. Besides, wood and carpets have less risk on slippery. So, these are all about how to decorate your bedroom.