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Bedroom Interior Design Ideas: The New Decorating Secrets

Posted at July 27th, 2016 | Categorised in Bedroom

Bedroom interior design ideas are commonly sorted in a rulebook. But actually some of them are just too dull. There are several new things to decorate and design your own bedroom in the house. The result can be pretty awesome and significant yet modern as you want. Other than that, these things can be applied on any interior or decoration style you want to apply. So, throw out the dull rulebook and check this out.

Color scheme

Bedroom Orange and Green Color Scheme
Color scheme is the right point to start and other than that, the color scheme is related to the makeover stuff from head-to-toe as well. You can try with the basic color scheme for the house in overall. The color scheme consists of blue, orange, and green. With your sense of decorating, you can make improvisation with the color. For example, you can put the royal blue and put it together with paler blue. Grass green and orange will be suitable as well to be managed with previous colors for bedroom interior design ideas.

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Put the accessories in the center and front

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
You must like certain items such as accessories or furniture in your bedroom. In order to make it more you and increases the comfy yet cozy, you can manage your lovable accessories in front of your bed or in the center of the room. It will always work if you display something you really like in the bedroom. It makes the room presents your personality though.

Managing the room’s height

Mirror Bedroom Accessories Bedroom Interior Design Ideas
Sometimes you cannot help the low ceiling of your bedroom, considering it has been like this since you moved in your room. You do not need to renovate your house because you can fake the height with the trick. Using low furniture will help a lot if you want to have higher look of your bedroom. Other than that, do not forget to put the mirror in a side of the bedroom’s wall.

Splash color on window trim

Window trim is one of windows treatments you can try but sometimes it can be awfully intimidating. In order to make it looks harmony with your room, you can put color on it. The color should be matching with the color scheme of your bedroom. Pitch black is a great option if you want to make the trim disappear when the night is coming. You can apply these tips for bedroom interior design ideas.