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New yet Inspirational Room Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Posted at August 1st, 2016 | Categorised in Bedroom

Room design ideas for bedrooms will help you to create the look of a bedroom in the way you prefer. Redesigning a bedroom does not mean that you change entire look of the bedroom. Occasionally, you just need to swap some elements or add new accessories to create fresh look and room design ideas will give you much inspirations about that. The most important thing when designing bedroom is that it should reflect the taste and personality of the owner. It since bedroom is the place for resting and relaxing so that it needs to provide maximum comfort. To match the personal style you can combine the eternal pieces with nowadays trends likes some of these fresh bedroom design ideas.

Use reclaimed wood

Inspirational Room Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Eco-friendly design is quite popular these days and it can be applied in the bedroom as well. Besides more friendly to the environment, reclaimed wood is also more economic compared with other materials. While commonly wooden material is used for furnishings, this time you use reclaimed wood to bring accent in bedroom wall. It particularly will reveal the beauty of bedroom which is overflown with glass, stone, or concrete material. Such kind of wall will be suitable with various kinds of bedroom style. You can develop the use of reclaimed wood not only for the wall but also other bedroom furniture such as side table and seats.

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Include jaunty wallpaper

Wallpaer Ideas Room Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Some people might think that using wallpaper is quite old-fashioned. In fact, the wallpaper these days comes in countless style which can keep up with the latest trends in interior design. Hence, wallpaper can be effective way either to add colour or bring contrast to the bedroom. For example, if you want to create a fresh look in the bedroom, you can pick wallpaper with vibrant pattern that depict the outside view. If you like simpler look, you choose any kinds of wallpaper with pattern but in the same time ensuring that it does not screw up the colour scheme applied in the bedroom.

Add stylish custom headboard

Custom Headboards Ideas Room Design Ideas for Bedrooms

Being realized or not, the presence of headboard can add style of the bedroom. There are innumerable kinds of headboards that can match with your personal style. From tufted headboard which is perfect for those who love lavish style to wooden headboard which can brings the feel of someone who likes something innovative. Using custom headboard also can be alternative option for affordable price as well as serve as creative room design ideas for bedrooms.