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Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

Posted at August 3rd, 2016 | Categorised in Bedroom

Bedroom design ideas for couples are something important for every couple especially newlyweds. Of course, a bedroom for a couple will totally look different than, say, a single bedroom. It is usually bigger and more personal than any other. It is bigger because a room for a couple has to be able to accommodate two different individuals. The bedroom is also more personal because it is the only safe haven for the couple where they are allowed to be more intimate. So usually a lot of couples go for romantic, sexy, or intimate atmosphere for their bedrooms.

Go Back to Basic

Elegant Brown and Pink Romantic Bedroom Designs for Couples

Modern Romantic Bedroom Designs for Couples With Pink Lightning

Every bedroom, whether it is for a couple or a single, has to always stay clean. You have to make sure to tidy up your bedroom every time especially before you leave it for the day. Who do you think will be able to sleep well in a messy bedroom? You also need to remind yourself and your partner to get rid of all the unwanted items which mount up in the bedroom. A bedroom is not a storeroom so never let the junk litters around the room.

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Creating a Mood

Romantic Lighting Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

Simple Romantic Lighting Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

There are many ways to create a certain mood through room designs and decorations. An easy and cheapest way to do that is by playing around with the lighting. A light source is a focal point in the bedroom and a dimly-lit room is perfect for a couple’s bedroom. This means that elegantly-designed table lamps which produce filtered light will be must items in your bedroom. To set the best mood, make sure that they are no more than 60 watts and softly glow.
Another decorative item that will help you to create relaxing and romantic mood is scented candle. It actually can function as both a light source and a scent source. There are many variations of scent, color, shape, and design of the candle you can pick. Of course it all depends on your preferences but candles with soft scent can be your ultimate choice for a relaxing and romantic night in with your partner. However, if you feel like it is too troublesome and unsafe to keep candles in the bedroom, you can always try other options like spraying a little air freshener around the room. The best choice is of course air freshener with exotic scent. So how do you feel about those bedroom design ideas for couples?