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Smart Solutions of Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Posted at August 8th, 2016 | Categorised in Bedroom

Small bedroom decorating ideas can be slightly different compared with regular space of bedroom. There are several things you should do in order to accommodate what you need in one space without making the room seems so small and crowded. So, we have several solutions to decorate the small bedroom in your place. Check this out.

Put mirrors in the room

Large Mirror Small Bedroom

Mirror is always the best thing for small spaces. It can be applied on any room that needs to be enlarged or at least it needs to be seemed larger. You can put a big wall mirror right across your bed in order to make the reflection of the room. This trick always works to make the room looks larger and wider even though in fact this is just a trick.

Floating headboard

Contemporary Floating Headboards

Headboard is necessary in the bedroom since sometimes you need to put your back on it. But it is better to let your headboard hanging on the wall rather than let the headboard attached with your floor. Even though it is just about inch, it can save some spaces without have to remove the fixture for small bedroom decorating ideas.

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Compact furniture

Compact Bedroom Furniture For Small Room

Compact furniture allows you to have smart ideas for storage. If you have a bed, you can occupy the space under the bed for storage whether it is drawer or baskets under the bed. Other than that, you can make the other furniture in the room such as ottoman, chairs, and many more as the item for expanding the storage. It definitely saves the space.

Bring-in the coziness

Cozy Small Bedroom Decorating

You definitely have a right to feel comfortable in your own bedroom even though the space is not that generous. Small space does not mean that you cannot put your style and bring the coziness into the room. You can put warm rug at the end of the bed, upholstered the headboard with suede or velvet, add the comfortable blanket on the bed and many more in order to make your bedroom more you.

Play with scale

Well, big furniture will make your room seems small. But sometimes you need to put one pieces of big furniture in the center of the room to bring the impression of bigger space as well. Big bedroom surrounded with smaller furniture pieces is a very nice trick to add larger visual impression based on the small bedroom decorating ideas.